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exersaucer 05-25-11 18:36
the exersaucer is baby Liam's new amazing play toy! He can sit like a big boy and play with a plethora of toys AND watch baby einstein. and I can use the compy. fair trade.

well, things seem better with the hubby. he was nice and cuddly the other night. Of course we didn't have time to talk, as he came home and i was half asleep. I think that we're okay.

On a sidenote, work is super duper busy. My good friend at work had a baby this past weekend, and she was 6 weeks early, so not expecting to be gone. And now I'm covering her work for her. And me. And my "supervisor" is being a total dickhole this week. Too long and painful to write about, but at least I can call him a dickhole and you get it.

On another sidenote, my baby laughed for the first time last night and now he's doing it all the time. CUTE.

I can't wait for a week from now! It will be summertime for me! Unfortunately summer doesn't have the same tone in the real world with babies. I know lotsa people don't get summer vacation, so I'm still grateful (but you do get paid vacation to use when you want). But summer isn't poolside, drinking, and lounging with The Sims and bad daytime TV. Now I have this little boy to take care of (which is great- but a ton of work).

Also, since most of my friends don't have kids, it's hard to hang out with them, cause I feel bad that we can't do the usual things, cause I have a baby that needs a lot of attention the whole time.

Okay, this post wasn't very eventful, but I thought I'd fill you in while baby exersauced.
it's nearly summer... 05-22-11 21:47
which means it's time for me to post late in the night again.

Life is drastically different for me than it was a year and a half ago.

I'll catch you up:
-same job (that's about the only stable thing)
-new house
-new car
-BABY! kinda precious :)
-new dog, new cat

So the biggest deal of course is my new son! He's 3 months old and amazing. People are right: you never knew you could love something SO much until you have a baby.

But i'm not gonna go on about a baby, they don't do much. Let's be honest.

But everyone is right about the strains it puts on your marriage. I'm so happy to be married and have a baby- wow, life would be hard. I can't even imagine doing it on my own. I struggle with a weekend of taking care of him all by myself. My husband and I work opposite schedules. I'm okay with that because he takes care of baby all day and I can call and check in on him as much as I want- bettter than a daycare.
That's not where the problem lies. The problem lies in that we barely communicate about anything not baby. I get it- when there's a chance to not be taking care of the baby- you wanna just let your brain melt. But let it melt WITH ME. not with your game, book, or facebook page. I have been trying. I sit down next to him and try to be friendly, nice, loving. He doesn't move. Tonight, I had enough.

We're lying in bed. I said, "why don't you hug me anymore? Or give me any affection?" his response: "I guess I just don't see you very much."

Valid response.

But you are lying right next to me. And didn't move.

So here I am. In the living room cause I'm not so tired anymore. He comes in after about 10 minutes:
Him: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Just on the internet"
Him: "You're not tired"
Me: "Nope"
Him "Okay" ....leaves.

Now, I don't like confrontation, but I do it. Cause I don't like those girls that act like nothing is wrong. He knows that something is wrong. All I wanted to know was why? Apparently, he gave me the answer. Can I change that? No. We work opposite schedules.

I know that if I don't change it now, it's only gonna get worse. I'm realistic. But why do I have to be the one to bring it up, be the "nagging wife", and complain about it. Apparently he's okay with not getting anything from me. What guy is okay with that? Most guys would be all over that. Note that previous to this night, I've tried to cuddle with him and progress the events that men so much enjoy and he did NOTHING to help my cause. So I gave up. I don't wanna work that hard, I'm a woman and can live without it.

So I'll wait and let him make the choices. I can't pressure my husband to hug me. It's just sad that he doesn't want to. It makes me feel so lonely because all I have time for is him anymore anyway. Time with friends is hard to come by. At least I have great friends that understand that. I don't mean to blow you guys off, it just is really, really hard now. :(

Well, be prepared for more late night rants from me. It's summer, and I can't sleep.
married life... 10-11-09 11:32
well I'm officially married. all that planning is done. and it was beautiful. i couldn't have asked for a better wedding- even the snow held out until the next day!

i had so much fun with all my friends and family! everyone loved the place we had the wedding, and the dj and photographers were SO amazing!

i can't wait to see the pics! now it's on to relaxing and living everyday life again. how does that work again? i don't know what to do with myself.

probably means i should play the sims or something. but i think it's lounge around the house day. sighhhhhhhh. :)
shopping spree! 08-15-09 14:31
I went on a shopping spree today for my wedding... at thrift stores! Here were some of my sweet deals:
artificial leaves with glitter- $4
artificial leaves with no glitter- $.99
Artificial leaves for my cake- $2
2 Baskets for my flower girls- $1 each
Ribbons for everything imaginable- ALL 50% OFF! so about $11
Pattern for my flowergirls' dresses- $7
Fabric for dresses- $10
My veil!- $8
My fluff for under the dress- $10
Men are from Mars board game!- $1.98

I'm pretty proud of myself. That was a good trip. I'm set. Now i just have to wait for my dumb dress to come in (3 weeks late) on Monday (cross fingers it actually does).
I'm starting to get SOOOO excited for this wedding! I just can't wait! And my bridal shower is 1 week away and it's going to be sooooo much fun! Erika and Amber asked me questions last night for the game we're gonna play. They did an awesome job! Everyone will FAIL. :)
Anyway, I should eat a lite dinner. Loveyfaces and I are going for cheap Sushi tonight. mmmmmmmm.

kmorg flashback 08-02-09 22:06
whoa. i just read my whole kmorg from 2002-2004. god i was lame.
fuck you lappy. 08-02-09 21:30
my lappy toppy just fought back. deleting my post. so i'll try again.

well thursday is when i go back to work.

but who else gets 2 months of paid vacation? not too many, i'm a lucky one.

so here's some recap of my awesome summer:
-i had a kickoff the summer party with my teacher friends and it was amazing!
-2 of my good friends got married and they were both BEAUTIFUL weddings (that will put mine to shame).
-I got to travel to Kansas City, Fremont, Cozad, Verdigre, and Grand Island.
-I got to go to the tail-end of Kolache Days and hang out with my favorite in-laws-to-be.
-I drank a lot of margaritas!
-I tried to go the gym everyday, but all those margaritas back-pedaled my progress :)
-I got the Sims 3 the day it came out and pretty much played it a ridiculous amount of time. but its okay- cause it was SUMMER!
-I went to the pool at least 3 times a week. if not 7.
-I was a wedding planning ninja. in a good way. got a lot done. efficiently.
-I did yard work. and didn't get stung by bees.
-I cleaned my house and now i like it better.
-I taught my favorite beginner violist C Major, G Major, D Major, F Major, Bb Major, Eb Major scales. and she got it. and rocks! **warm fuzzies**
-My other student can officially read music, but she still struggles with words.
-I hung out with my friends a lot, and that's the best.
-I discovered that the Dubliner plays sweet guitar-man music on Thursdays.
-I helped my future mom-in-law build a pool!
-I made my lovey lunch for his work everyday! (except when I fell asleep and forgot to...)
-I laughed at CL and VV21's battles. :)
-I stayed up late, and woke up later. and loved every second of NO alarm clock.
-I tried to hide a fluffy cat's presence in my home from my landlord. and succeeded.
-I learned how to use a weed whacker. and now I'm obsessed. ever tried it?
-I went on a zoo date with my fiance. and he saw his first 3D movie!
-I floated on Fremont lakes with my bridesmaid and we had someone bring us tequila sunrises until the sun went down. ahhhh....

okay so that's a taste of my summer. it was great. i'm sad it's over- but i really couldn't have asked for better. and ultimately, i'm ready to go back and teach again. i'm recharged. i have enough students that keep me going to make me excited!

Oh and Tuesday- I'm taking my flower girls to the zoo with my fiance. it's going to be ADORABLE. can't wait.

well i hope everyone else had a lovely summer like me! maybe when the school year starts, i can't be summerinsomniac anymore. i'll be sleeping again. I'll have to be schoolyearsleepyface. lol :)
oh i'm more and more depressed each day by the attack of next week's events!!!
I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO WORK!!! but i need to. cause that's life :(

someday- let's hope that my hubby makes millions and i can sit on my ass all day or something awesome. probably will happen :)

Okay- new things in my life: one of my best friends just came back from Europe this week and we hung out all day! Twas fun! She's hosting my bridal shower and showed me the beautiful invitations she's been making by hand :) amazing.

also- i'm finishing up my loose ends of the summer- super cleaning the house, yardwork, and going to lunch with an old friend i've been sadly forgetting about all summer.

and soon enough my wedding dress will be in. and it looks like this:

and i can't wait!
shhhhhhh... don't show my loveyfaces.

i also have wasps living in my front garden. anybody got good tricks for killin them? i'm gonna put a hose in their happy little mansions.

well its off to watch my DVRed Ghost Hunters (ie: best show on the planet) I know- i'm pathetic.

okay lame post- but whatevs.
what? friday already!!! 07-23-09 22:41
i'm so sad that summer is coming to a close. i know, pathetic right, i had all of june and july to play all day!? i think that's why i'm so sad! but i did some awesome things, have no regrets, and really don't have anything else that i HAVE to do for another week. but i don't wanna go back to work. maybe those kiddos will teach themselves to play some violins or something.

tonight was awesome with my besties at the bars. i thoroughly enjoyed singing along to some outkast by that old man guitarist. how odd.

and then there was the OOOOOOOOOOpossum. nasty ass creatures. i think they're probably the grossest animal on the planet- i ultimately despise them. and only react like a 4 year old when i see them scurry. so this super ugly one was scurrying across darkavenger's porch. SICK. and first I thought- is that cinnamonlixx cause she kinda looks like a OOOOOOOOOOOOOOpossum. but darkavenger quickly corrected me. :) love you. happy bday!

anyway- i survived. and came home. whew.

this is the most worthless post i've ever posted. dang. i gotta work on this. gonna go see blue october on sunday! YES! okay seriously i have nothing else new to talk about but i'm hungry so i'm gonna go before i continue to ramble.
icky dream 07-20-09 08:13
so last night i had an icky dream.

i was at my wedding- cinnamonlixx did you have a lot of prewedding dreams/nightmares? cause they won't STOP!

anyway- at my wedding and i was wearing this horrific dress. i think i decided it was cause mine wasn't done yet. and then i had horrific shoes on (white dirty shoes, and my dress was gold) so i was trying to find my nice shoes. all the guests were arriving- except we weren't where we're actually getting married- we were on some outdoor dirt road lookin thing and they were supposed to spread hay or something to make the mud not as muddy. well instead they put down hay bales everywhere and it looked like a cowboy convention. well so i'm there- my fiance was there and he had seen me in my dress already so i was sad. and my mom was arriving late (in shorts and flip flops). the cake was coming late, they dropped it in the mud, and tried to put it back together, cakes were on the wrong tables, decorations were missing. my mom came in and had forgotten all the decorations from home. so we had nothing to put on the cake, nothing to put on the tables, she forgot my garder thing, my veil, my shoes, the flowergirls baskets and contents, and suddenly i can't find my groom. not to mention i had NO bridesmaids with me- where were you all? so i'm like, okay whatever, let's just get married, that's the important part- even though we've done all this prep work for nothing i guess. so i can't find my groom- i hunt and hunt and finally my mom and i decide to get in the car and drive around. and i realize, this can't be happening, this is too awful, this has to be a dream! so i bang my head against the dashboard and scream "wake up, wake up!!!!!" in hopes that i can get out of this nightmare. my mom looks at me like i'm crazy and says "uh, no this isn't a dream" and i give up, i couldn't wake myself, it had to be real.

i think my mind wandered after that- but when i did wake up- i thought "wow, that's really cool! but THANK GOD it was a dream."
as usual bored.

the boy is coming home soon so i may as well stay awake so we can hug!

he interviewed for a new job today and i REALLY hope he gets it. this could be the job that makes us money and not just my teacher pay and his whatever pay. we really need this. especially with our wedding coming up.

also, we kinda decided not to go on a honeymoon due to expenses and we just can't afford anything. but secretly i'm really sad about this. i mean, it's a honeymoon, it's kinda important. i know that it's probably me just being crazy and wanting unrealistic things, but i hope we can make it happen somehow. plus, isn't it the guys responsibility to cover the honeymoon (traditionally)? well i guess we aren't very traditional- in really anything.

but secretly (and super girly like) i'm hoping he surprises me and we end up getting to go somewhere awesome over our winter break time. but unfortunately, he's a boy and doesn't get hints. so i'll just have to talk to him about it or something. hoping never gets anyone anywhere these days.

things have been lovely with us lately. unfortunately we've both been busy, but that's probably better so i'm not a worry wart about stupid things.

but tomorrow we go on our mini-vacation of the summer with my family to K.C. so that'll be fun. and he just texted me that he wanted to come hug me. so we're off to a great vacation already.

i'm sure anyone who reads this this far is just thinking "geez louise, she's pure mushy romance" *barf* so sorry, i'm just thinking out loud.

on a side note, my evil cat peed in my good viola's case yesterday. while i was teaching a lesson. in front of my student. thanks cat. so i'm stuck for ideas of cat pee scent removal from fabric that i can't wash in a washer. maybe i'll google it. ideas?

well it's off to getting ready for the weekend! HOORAY!

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